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Before becoming an energy-efficient home builder, Al Davis started out working in the masonry field right after high school where worked with his step-dad picking up the masonry trade. while working with him for more than 10 years, Al had the chance to work alongside many other contractors, picking up their skills along the way.

Al then branched out into the carpentry field under the watchful eye of a long-time carpenter friend, Doyle McDonald. one of the most important things he taught Al is to take pride in his work. Doyle also taught Al to treat each job as if he was the customer and how he would want the work done.

3 Reasons People Choose Al Davis


EXPERIENCE: Al has over 35-45 years of experience in the new home construction and remodeling fields.


ACCOUNTABLE: Al has reliably owned his business for over 33 years.

QUALITY: Al has a very high customer satisfaction rating with over half of his work coming from repeat customers and referrals.

Al Davis Construction

"Building Houses The EnergySmart Way!"

Services Offered

  • Construction

  • Masonry 

  • New Homes

  • Concrete and Remodeling

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