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My name is Russ Alwood. I've been a home builder and general contractor serving the
Central Michigan area since 1983. My specialty is providing quality prebuilt homes (aka -
modular homes) from start to finish, on time and with no cost overruns.


The only two factors that could result in extra cost would be site construction or water well depth. I have completed over 80 homes from start to finish, bringing excellence and affordability to both experienced and first-time home buyers. Among home builders I'm well known for the good communication I keep with my customers, which is almost on a daily basis during construction and onsite work. Many of my customers have become repeat buyers along with their children utilizing my home building expertise.

I take pride in helping first-time home buyers with their dream of being a homeowner. The thought of finding a lending company can be frightening, and that's where my experience and expertise become valuable. Our homes have a great appraisal and resale value that is taken into consideration by these lending companies. Just another advantage of dealing with an experienced builder and a quality prebuilt home.

Take a trip to our factory in Bay City, Michigan and visit our newest models that are on the market. These modular homes are built under the Michigan Uniform Building Codes and inspected daily to ensure a quality home. To see all of the different prebuilt home models that are offered, go to General Housing Corporation's website at this link:

Alwood Enterprises can save you 20% to 25% on your home compared to site-constructed homes. I personally guarantee the quality and workmanship of these prebuilt homes. Give us a call today at 989-772- 4343 or e-mail us at alwoodenterprises@yahoo.com.

Thank you,
Russ Alwood

Alwood Enterprises

"Alwood Enterprises, building quality custom homes your way."

Services Offered

  • Home Construction

  • Specializes in prebuilt homes

Contact Information

Website: www.AlwoodEnterprises.com
Email: AlwoodEnterprises@yahoo.com
Phone: 989-289-8747
Location: 2435 O'Connor Dr, Mt. Pleasant, MI 48858

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